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In business, contracts are the rules of the road. They explain where you can go, what you can do, and where you are ultimately to arrive. Unfortunately, poorly negotiated and badly drafted contracts can expose you to risks that render a transaction worthless, or even worse, result in losses for your company. At McGuire & Associates we want your company to derive every possible benefit from doing business in Montgomery. Attorney J. Mitch McGuire draws on more than 20 years of corporate executive experience as well as extensive legal knowledge to evaluate existing contracts, assess risks, and recommend changes that advance your interests. We also negotiate all manner of contracts from scratch with an eye toward enhancing your profitability and strengthening your business relationships.

Montgomery contract negotiation attorney provides business advice to corporations

McGuire & Associates is pleased to offer practical and pertinent contract advice based on our experience in actual business operations. With meticulous care, we examine all manner of contracts for minute details that either enhance or diminish the value of a proposed deal. Our goal is to minimize risk to your company while improving the chances of a favorable return on your investment of time and resources. Types of agreements we manage include:

  • Employment contracts — We handle negotiations on all aspects of executive compensation, including salary, benefits, perquisites, stock options, severance, performance metrics, and vesting.
  • Noncompete and nondisclosure agreements — We help you protect your company’s trade secrets with enforceable noncompete and nondisclosure agreements that put employees immediately on notice.
  • Partnership agreements — During formation of a new entity or re-formation of an existing company, we draft detailed contracts clarifying ownership rights for all stakeholders.
  • Buy-sell and lease agreements — When your business acquires necessary real estate or heavy equipment through purchase or lease, we negotiate favorable terms to limit risks to your business.
  • Commercial contracts — We review contracts for goods and services with clients and vendors.
  • Contractor, subcontractor, and supplier agreements — When your company contracts out business, we negotiate terms that promote your strategic goals.

We also oversee finance agreements, lines of credit, intellectual property licenses, and every other type of contract your business needs for its operations and corporate governance. A proper corporate formation will help avoid partnership and shareholder disputes.

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At McGuire & Associates, we demonstrate our commitment to your business success in the meticulous care we give each of your business contracts. Take advantage of a consultation to learn how our firm can help reduce your risks and maximize your potential rewards. Call us at 334-651-8891 or contact our Montgomery office online. Our office is located at 31 Clayton Street, convenient to I-85 and I-65.