Experienced Montgomery Corporate Governance Lawyer Offers Comprehensive Legal Counsel

Knowledgeable attorney provides reliable guidance on key issues

Whether you’re a business owner, corporate officer or board member, it’s important that all parties involved in a business understand their roles and responsibilities.  Fortunately, McGuire & Associates provides thoughtful counsel to help avoid crises in corporate governance and compliance and to manage them effectively should they arise. Working closely with your business, we help you adopt and implement business best practices for governance and compliance, and we provide continuing guidance on specific issues to keep your business on the right track.

Comprehensive counsel for your business on critical areas of vulnerability

Boards of directors and corporate officers have two essential duties: to manage corporate assets in the best interests of the shareholders and to obey the laws of the land. Failure in fiduciary duty and legal duty can be disastrous for a company and ruinous for the careers of those persons charged with oversight. On the other hand, competent performance and adherence to duty help your business avoid crises that distract from the corporate mission and divert resources from the company’s strategic plan. As your partner in business success, McGuire & Associates provides sound legal counsel on critical governance issues, including:

  • Board composition
  • Shareholder relations
  • Executive compensation
  • IT oversight and security
  • Corporate development and strategic planning
  • Contract oversight
  • Risk oversight

Each of these is a key area of vulnerability where a lapse in judgment or failed execution can lead to charges of a breach of fiduciary duty. Such allegations are not only embarrassing, distracting and damaging, but they also expose individual board members and corporate officers to personal liability for losses. An experienced corporate lawyer from McGuire & Associates can perform a comprehensive assessment of your company’s practices to reduce your risk in each of these areas.

Regulatory advice helps you avoid the nightmare of “accidental felonies”

The purpose of regulatory compliance is to ensure the company is following the state, federal and local laws for the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Companies that remain in compliance avoid friction with authorities and enjoy a good reputation in the community. However, with today’s complex network of rules and regulations, it’s often difficult to tell when your company is out of compliance with rapidly changing standards. Innocent mistakes or a lax approach to compliance can lead to investigations and sanctions that deplete company resources and hurt customer goodwill. In the worst cases, corporate officers can be charged criminally for mistakes made out of ignorance. As an experience Montgomery Corporate Attorney, McGuire & Associates helps your company build a strong culture of compliance that monitors, detects and prevents violations, so you can avoid legal conflicts and their consequences. Additionally, because corporate compliance goes beyond the law to internal compliance with company policies and protocols, we work with your compliance officer to develop an effective procedure for enhancing compliance within your company.

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McGuire & Associates helps businesses manage issues related to corporate governance and regulatory compliance in Montgomery and throughout Alabama. To schedule a consultation with an experienced business attorney, call us at 334-651-8891 or contact our Montgomery office online. Our office is located at 31 Clayton Street, convenient to I-85 and I-65.