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Cogent advice at formation and for every stage of your business enterprise

The most successful businesses are formed and begin operating with a clear vision of what the company is trying to achieve and how. Because we are committed to maximizing our clients’ chances for success, McGuire & Associates assists with detailed business planning during formation and at every pivotal stage of your company’s existence. The guidance we provide before you take action can save you frustration and preserve your resources for implementing your plan and achieving your goals.

Above-and-beyond legal services to perfect your business plan

A business plan is critical at the time of formation, but it’s also necessary to pause, reflect, and draw up a strategic plan any time you are considering an expansion of your corporate mission, entry into a different market, a merger or acquisition, or downsizing. Whatever spurs your need to plan, McGuire & Associates is ready to help you hammer out the details, so you can move forward with confidence.

The types of business planning services our firm provides include:

  • Guidance for startups — We can help you crystalize your vision with guidance on choice of entity, filing for a business license, tax planning, ownership and shareholder agreements, corporate bylaws, permitting and land use, regulatory compliance, business insurance, and the various contracts you need for operation. We help you draft your business plan so you can begin looking for investors, partners, and locations.
  • Drafting — We work closely with you to completely understand your business so we can apply our knowledge and experience to drafting the essential elements of a good business plan: executive summary, business description, products and/or services, sales and marketing, operations, management team, development, and financial summary.
  • Business plan evaluation — If you have already drafted a business plan, we can give it a stress test, drawing on our experience to assess its strengths and weaknesses. If someone has sent you a business plan inviting you to invest or extend credit, we can perform a thorough analysis of the plan.
  • Tax planning — A crucial consideration of your business plan has to be the tax implications of the various choices you make, from your corporate structure to your decision to purchase rather than rent real estate and equipment. There may also be tax incentives that you can take advantage of. We alert you to the tax consequences of certain choices and advise you on your options.

A concise and precise business plan improves your chances of attracting investors, obtaining lines of credit, and landing the executive talent your company needs. It can also minimize the risk to your company and to you personally if something should go wrong.

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Through solid planning, McGuire & Associates helps corporations and individuals overcome obstacles to business prosperity. To schedule a consultation, call us at 334-651-8891 or contact our Montgomery office online. Our office is located at 31 Clayton Street, convenient to I-85 and I-65.