Dedicated Law Firm Resolves Partnership and Shareholder Disputes in Montgomery, Alabama

Skilled corporate litigator finds creative solutions

A dispute among the owners of a corporation can cause irreparable harm to the enterprise. McGuire & Associates takes a proactive approach to resolve partnership disputes effectively and limit any damage to your operations or share value. Drawing on more than 20 years of executive leadership experience, attorney L. Mitch McGuire offers practical advice and reliable strategies for resolving conflicts for the good of all stakeholders.

Experience managing a variety of partner and shareholder conflicts

Disputes arise among corporate owners for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Breach of executive employment contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business succession planning
  • Decisions affecting dividends
  • Strategic planning
  • Shareholder oppression

Conflicts based on allegations of misconduct require thorough investigation and transparency. Companies should be willing to go where the facts lead and apply an appropriate remedy. Often, it is necessary to negotiate the separation of an officer who has betrayed the company’s trust.

Conflicts based on opposing visions for the company can be difficult to resolve. When competing visions cannot be reconciled, it is often best to perform a corporate divorce. As with a regular divorce, parties must resolve crucial issues, such as the value of the departing member’s stake as well as ownership of the company’s intellectual property, including its trademarks and trade secrets. Separating a partner from a corporation can be expensive for the remaining partners and often requires creative financing to accomplish.

Heading off disputes before they happen with clear partnership agreements

Too often, partnership and shareholder disputes are allowed to fester because the corporate bylaws are not written to anticipate common conflicts or specific issues the company might face. At McGuire & Associates, we raise these questions with our clients during the corporate formation stage so we can draft appropriate corporate bylaws and separation agreements to be used whenever the occasion arises. Our advanced Montgomery business planning saves our clients time, frustration, and expense in the future.

Contact our Montgomery law firm to resolve your company’s partnership disputes

Conflicts among ownership can stall operations and impede the implementation of your company’s strategic plan. When disputes with partners or shareholders arise, you can rely on McGuire & Associates for effective management of all pertinent issues. Take advantage of a consultation to learn how our firm can help maximize your potential for profit. Call us at 334-651-889or contact our Montgomery office online. Our office is located at 31 Clayton Street, convenient to I-85 and I-65.